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Code Plumbing Gas Repair and Leak Detection

Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection

Many appliances in your home ranging from your stove to your water heater require the use of natural gas.  This means that your gas lines must be maintained and seals must be kept in tact to prevent leaks from occurring, putting you and your family in danger.  Since Illinois brings some severe winters it is essential to have your gas lines checked due to the possibility of having to shut down your lines and be left without heat.  Code Plumbing is Licensed and insured with expert technicians available to detect possible leaks or repair damaged gas lines.

It is a common misconception that the utility company is responsible for the installation or repair of gas lines in your home.  The real truth is that it is the responsibility of the home owner to call a Licensed technician followed by an inspection by the utility company to allow gas lines to be turned on! 

Code Plumbing is licensed and insured and can reroute, repair, and detect leaks in your gas lines!  Please do not hesitate to call in the event of an emergency.  Code Plumbing is available 24-hours and will repair your emergency as soon as possible!